Spring Breeze: To Stay or To Vacay

For all of you who want to bust loose and get going after being on lockdown for the past year, I completely understand. The question is not if to go someplace, but where and when? So, let’s first visit “staycations”. The meaning of a staycation is to spend time relaxing in your own home or surrounding area. This may involve day trips to local attractions. Some examples of a staycation are: Camping, parks or museums, horseback riding or just visiting local activities that you can travel within a days’ drive. Now for Vacations! I believe it is up to the individual to make the determination of flying so I won’t address any safety issues regarding such, but will suggest, do your research before you travel, check all travel destination restrictions and take all precautionary efforts for your own safety. Driving is also another option but no matter where you choose to go or how you choose to get there, be safe and have a great time. In the end, the only thing that matters are the memories we have made with the people we genuinely care about.