Petals of Perfection

Signs of winter are melting away and I know its true because I saw a blue jay today. It made me happy and so I smiled, because I hadn’t seen the sun in quite awhile. But there it was, peeking through the clouds; and in my mind, a taste of hope was on the horizon…. without a doubt, spring was really arising.

In just a few weeks, rivers will constantly flow... from all the hard-packed mountainous snow. Grass will turn green … a true sign it’s almost spring. Blossoms will be on the trees and the birds and bees will all joyfully sing.

It’s still cool where we currently are, but our famous cherry blossoms are really not that far. Smell the scents, breathe in and out, we made it to another spring, no doubt.

Congratulations to all, we made it to 2021, but listen up, we’re not quite done.

We send good vibes is what we do, happy early spring to each and every one of you!


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